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KS 760 Metal Deck

The durable and versatile KS760 D profile is suitable for use as roof and wall cladding. With its unique 5 corrugation profile and stiffened rib design and anti-capillary gap, all side lap joints are accurately secured and provides extra strength for optimal performance. The KS760 D is aesthetically pleasing and is appropriate for all types of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The lengths are custom cut to suit roof design and wastages are thus minimized. With our stringent quality control on the production floor, you are rest assured of a high performance, quality assured and long lasting K-Structures ™ - KS760 D.

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Steel Pallet

KS Steel Pallet is a eco friendly product that constructed with a series of galvanized hi-tensile (G550) steel with design capability to cater a minimum load of 1 ton. Compared to wooden and plastic material, steel pallets have a longer life, hygienic, lighter, and hence, giving consumers cost savings in long run basis.

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