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KS Modular Cabin


KS Modular Cabin is a portable concept's home/ office/ studio which is transportable to every where you like! It is affordable, fully furnished, prefabricated and assembled in Factory .

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Types of Modular Cabin 

Modular Cabin comes with three types of layout, which is VILLA (436sf), STUDIO (288sf), VILLA (149sf). All units are transportable and modular built.

Size 8' x 20' (+)
10' x 30'
10' x 26' 8' x 20'
Space 436 sf 288 sf 149 sf
Room 3 room 2 rooms 1 rooms
Bathroom 2 units 1 units 1 units
Wall Insulation Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust Fan 4 nos 2 nos 1 nos
Stackable Up to 2 storey Up to 2 storey Up to 2 storey


Add-On Options

Solar Off-Grid System

Modular cabin can be integrated with solar pv off-grid system that gives you free energy everyday and every where directly from the sun. It carries with off-grid inverter, battery, charge controller, control panel and necessary accessories.

Rain Water Harvesting

Integrated with inteligent duo water filter purification system, it has self-cleaning system which reduce tank maintenance by prevent leaf and dirt flow into the tank as well as preventing water overflow.

Self-Composting Toilet

Self composting toilet is a waterless water closet to handle excrete. It offeres self- contained, urine diverting and waterless toilet. This eco-friendly product works in any temperature and it is easy to operate and maintain.