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KS 760 Metal Deck


The durable and versatile KS760 D profile is suitable for use as roof and wall cladding. With its unique 5 corrugation profile and stiffened rib design and anti-capillary gap, all side lap joints are accurately secured and provides extra strength for optimal performance. The KS760 D is aesthetically pleasing and is appropriate for all types of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The lengths are custom cut to suit roof design and wastages are thus minimized. With our stringent quality control on the production floor, you are rest assured of a high performance, quality assured and long lasting K-Structures ™ - KS760 D.


The KS760 D profile is manufactured using hot-dippied zinc coated or zinc aluminium alloy coated Hi-Tensile pre-painted colour coated steel sheet that available in a diverse range of colors.


Profile Width

Overall - Nominal 838mm
Effective cover - Nominal 760mm

Profile Height

Nominal - 24mm

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KS 760 Deck

Technical Specification

Base Material Thickness, BMT (mm) Self Weight Min. Yield Strength (MPa)

kg/m kg/m2
0.35 2.51 3.30 550
0.42 3.01 3.97 550
0.48 3.44 4.53 550
0.60 4.30 5.66 550



It is always advisable to lay sheets with side laps facing away from the direction of the prevailing wind. The female rib shall always be palced above the male rib of the previous sheet. Fasteners used shall be self-drilling Hexagon Head screws with bonded neoprene washers. Should end laps be required, a minimum length of 200 mm is necessary for roof pitches below 5°. All end laps shall be treated with an appropriate sealant to ensure water tightness.

It is necessary to turn up the edges at the end of the roof sheets at the tray areas between the crests. This will prevent water from being driven in by wind or capillary action into the building.